Darkness in the fog and shady lights.

Nothing is around me except my self alone.

Silence was crowded so much that i can hear the sound of mild wind passing by.

Only i want to talk but also don’t want to utter my lips.

Confused by my own silence.

I am searching something that can involve me in but i fail.

Something i want to relax, to hangout to enjoy, to share my feelings,

Like something that i can’t describe,

So much tired with tiredness and nothing can i do.

Just i see freezed environment around me .

And so lonely, i see interest in deep silence like it’s talking me,

Nothing i know about me,

I’ve deep desires which are confused in me and and stuck in heart to find way to get out but none they find.

Even i lost myself in me .

I wish i could meet my self.


A day blessed

One day, everyday when you have nothing to do or may be you don’t have any idea about to do ;

Wandering randomly blank mindly but full of unnecessary thoughts.

Think only one thing warmth of triumph only you can feel when you just star to do something.

Doesn’t matter how small or how badly you start, just start.

And never step back.

And whenever you reach wherever you wanted, you’ll think about that day , when you dreamt about the day now.

And define your mind to make move today as the day you’re dreaming about. And that day is A DAY BLESSED.

How to recognise and handle fake and real friend

Hello again,
Let’s start with a basic and necessary part of our life, and that is friends. In local culture, too much quotion definition for friends are available ,for me one of my favourite is, “મિત્ર એવો શોધવો જે ઢાલ સરીખો હોય, સુખ મા પાછડ પડી રહે ને દુઃખ મા આગળ હોય.” Which means Always choose a friend who is like a shield who stands behind you in your good time and before to you in your bad time.A best friend is a wound healer and pain killer. But in many way you have to choose between them that are they really care for you they are just fake. Many thought that with whome you hangout are your best friends, but actually not. We are living in practical world and here very few are those who loved you unconditionally. So be careful about it.
And definitely these is enough to define a good friend, but a true friend really exist in these selfish world? Why not ! Whatever we plants we’ll get back in same. So simply be loyal with everyone. Yeah these world is selfish and every human being is little bit selfish for self and that’s fact ,no one can refuse. But if we be loyal with them , there are chances to getting bit of that back. I said bit , not completely. Remember. Trust in your self is better than expecting from someone or having betrayed.
Now it’s clarity about friends. I’m not telling you that everyone is cheater but every one has their own situations and they also have to survive from. So there’s clear and cut about it. But we’re social living beings And have to be together. And that is necessary for us. So trying to be genuine and speak clearly when you are making new bonding with friends about you and your habits that they can manage them or balance them accordingly to you. And that’s perfect thing for you to handle the situation.

Faithful Darkness

Hey, from now i have a small poetry written by me and i want to share with you when i felt lonely and tired of being cheated or fooled my person who thinks they are smart and get benified but not think how much trust they lost. And I’m believer in trust and faithful to everyone not just to lover cause these world have too much love for us but we are cheating our own selves too. So at night when I’m thinking a have no one faithful even my self for me also not considered, then i have always one hope , Darkness.

So here it is

Faithful Darkness

The Faithful Darkness

Another day ended

with unended expection and dead dreams

How i believe,

The dreams that dance whole night,

in my eyes, ruined in day roughly.

When i wake up in morning ,

I’ve been with them with whole day.

But in sunset ,

I seen them been buried by me cruelly.

Another day ended with sorrow in my breaths.

High in,
but empty my eyes were finding something in dark night.

No wishing star is here ,

I wish there would be

Cause Lots of i have to wish
in my silence.

But dumb words,

I was murmuring with the wind passing around me,

That i have lots of complains,

about these world.

No one is here for me
even whome I’m familiar with.

Too much expectations
were fleeing randomly between the gap
of my eyes and the sky.

And every blink
gave me tears
with silence filled word
about loneliness
that only I have

And i cried and cried a lot.

Like Stars in sky were arrenged,

tears’s humidity
in my eyes as same as

Hoping for hug from sky .

But every star

distancing me with calm

i noticed that.

Is there really

a brightten day tomorrow?
or just I’ll have to carry
my dead dreams and again have to bury in sunset

Leave it.

Just illusion the world is .

As the beautiful it look like,

as the cruel it is.

But Anyway,

too much faithful
darkness is here for everyone , inner and outer too.

And i love the nature
of darkness have.

Stays Together Always.

About Blogging

Hello, everyone.

From day now, I’m here for you to share something unique. Even i don’t know. But i assure you it will be funfull to you.

From emotions to health.

From tech to teach.

From baddas to kickass.

And hey I’m not much mature and requesting you to don’t be.

And the left one is not necessarial for us.

Cause only we are enough to find something interesting around us and in us.

So let’s get started.

Life is not Easy

I have heard from many people that life is not easy, so do something. Life is worthy so don’t waste it. Actually you know what ! life is really not easy , so you get it. If it was then it was not it. So , be passionate about life.
I have never heard from anyone to enjoy life as own rules. Yeah everyone has their own philosophies about life. But life is like raining. You just can feel it , you can’t save because it will run away.
No one here is immortal. Is there? And everyone has a fix package of breath. Everyday oxygen came into the packet and get some life. No one know when that packet become empty. So live life.
Actually life is for enjoying. yeah, you have duties and roles too to play. But every journey is just not meant by just destination, but it also includes the path you travelled. May be some up and downs and may be deep downs thrilled your vains to not to enjoy and instead make you to little worry about to plan properly about life.
But hey, you know destiny have their own plans and that are better for you me and for everyone . So why can’t we enjoy.
Just simple word about life is that it is flowing And you or me can’t catch it. After struggling whole life, a person save money for living peacefully in back days but he can’t enjoy life.
Because at the end of the stage of his life as memory, he just have remembered some names of medicines.
No chills , no thrills, just struggled bills,
That’s it?
Is these really life?
Ask yourself.
May be your soul answer you.
Remember life is journey, and you are here to enjoy journey, not to just reaching destination.
That is Life .
In depression of low sallery and high bills,
We forgot food ,and started to living on pills.
That innocent crazy funny thing still hidden somewhere in us, but now we are busy in earning some paper stuff.
Life is not actually we are living,but is what we are dreaming to live. But everyone is dreaming about money. And life is hides itself in somewhere in dreams.

My First Blog

Hey,i just started blogging to interact with everyone and talk about something new things and learn new things. So anyone have Idea about topic?

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